I like me. I don't do we.

How many times has somebody tried to kill Spencer?

Troian Bellisario by Zack Dezon

“I’ve heard fans say that I’m perfect on the show and I want to tell them I’ve been through two hours of hair and makeup.  Don’t hold yourself up to that!” Troian Bellisario for Seventeen Magazine

"10 things that nobody knows about me…"

Troian Bellisario - BTS Seventeen cover shoot Vlog[Part 1]x

I’ve never met any other Troians. I’ve only been told of them.  I came really close. One of my best friends in elementary school went to a different school. Her math teacher heard about my name, and she was going to name her kid that. I remember this whole week where I was freaking out that there was going to be another Troian in the world.

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