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filled under:  GleeRachel BerrySantana Lopezi feel like i've already reblogged this beforebut i don't carewhy you gotta cut out mercedes yo?
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filled under:  GleeSantana Lopezit's sad that the last time we may see santana on the showis with that tragic blonde hairmy poor bbthis entire scene made me laugh tho
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filled under:  GleeSam Evans*gasp* the real sam is backand not that out of character mess that's been around since season 4also i loved the samcedes scenes
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filled under:  New DirectionsGleeMercedes JonesSantana LopezSantana x MercedesSancedesnot enough of them in the ep
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filled under:  GleeSantana Lopezwelp seems naya's gone from the show for goodseems the reports of her being fired were legit?that's it for me thoughi'll probably check in every once in a while after her last epthat is if i remember the show is on
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