I like me. I don't do we.
Amber Riley & Derek Rough - Cha Cha (Week 1)

Amber Riley on “How I Made It”


Just meeting Amber Riley after her FLAWLESS and AMAZING performance in Cotton Club Parade last night.  I wasn’t freaking out or anything.

Upon asking her and Kevin if there would be a Glee tour this summer her response was:

“NO! Staple no! I can’t! And you can run and tell that!”  She then proceeded to turn around with her hand in the air pulling Kevin’s signature preach move.  I fell to the ground and died.


(Audio Only) Amber Riley sings “Nobody’s Supposed to Be Here”, live, with no production, on a webcam, in her kitchen. 


“Amber already knew who I was because she loves Beyoncé. I walked in and she was like, ‘I know who you are! I own the Beyoncé Experience Tour DVD!’ So she was excited to meet me, which was weird, because she’s epic and I was excited to meet her.” - Heather Morris

“The first days of not being in the company of those amazing people… I’m going to cry my eyes out.”

This is how it all began..
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