leader worrying about wendy’s highnotes on their very first radio live
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Which member do you really wanted to be close to you?

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Irene and Seulgi for The Celebrity

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oh wendy

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filled under:  Red Velvetlol i can't at how they're all just staring at wendy
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How to do variety by Jessica Jung ft. Tiffany’s bestfriend

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yulti during gee at best of best in hong kong (feat. yultiseo)

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red velvet vs the wind

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roadgator asked: Omg you watch big brother? Who would you like to win?

Lol of course I do. I’ve been watching this show since the first season. I’m rooting for Donny or Nicole. I wish we could somehow get a F2 with them, but that’s not gonna happen :( I cannot stand the rest of the assholes in the house and it sickens me that one of them is most likely gonna win

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